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Review: Spent 3 hours at the KLIA capsule hotel

CapsuleTransit has some eye-catching ads, including a giant bright yellow box left in the middle of a corridor at Kuala Lumpur Airport. My editor spotted this ad on a road trip a few months ago and suggested I try it out for myself.
I was flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with a return trip at the end of November, so I booked a short three hour stay at the capsule hotel right after landing.
The hostel has an average rating of 4 stars in Google reviews with over 1600 votes. A couple who stayed at the hotel three months ago said it was “a great place” if your flight is delayed, while another user said her accommodation was comfortable and clean.
Registration was a breeze. I got my passport details and paid a deposit of RM50 which is about 11 USD.
The accommodation is divided into three types: a single bed in the men’s, women’s and mixed areas, a double bed in the mixed area and a suite, which is a small private room.
According to the travel website Budget Your Trip, staying in Malaysia costs an average of RM164 per night. This means the hotel is expensive considering I was only able to use the facilities for a few hours.
While it’s an affordable option if you’re only staying for a few hours, it’s about $150 for a 24-hour stay. For pricing reference, if you are looking for an overnight stay, five star hotels in Kuala Lumpur cost about the same.
Hotels aren’t particularly known for their cleanliness, but this one was cleaner than some of the 3 star hotels I’ve stayed in.
While hotels can be cramped and noisy, the opposite is true here. Since the top bunk was not in use, I couldn’t feel or hear anything on it.
It was early evening when I checked into the hotel, and I didn’t see the space getting busier as darkness fell.
The shower has a good heater and water pressure, and the toilet has a bidet. Soap and hairdryer are provided.
The hall is spacious with lots of natural light. The only thing that could improve the situation is a coffee vending machine or a counter, but food and drinks are not allowed in the hotel.
The best part about this hotel is that there are very few guests here – I can relax without worrying about noise or waiting in line to use the bathroom.

Post time: Dec-29-2022