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  • Why do we need container houses

    Why do we need container houses

    The container house is a prefabricated modular building with a container steel structure as the main body. All modular units are both structural units and spatial units. They have independent support structures that do not depend on the outside. The interior of the modules is divided into differ...
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  • About Steel structure workshop

    About Steel structure workshop

    It means that the main load-bearing members are composed of steel. It includes steel structure foundation, steel column, steel beam, steel roof truss (the span of the workshop is relatively large, which is basically steel structure roof truss), steel roof, and at the same time, the wall of the st...
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  • About container house

    About container house

    Container house: It also known as container home, flat pack container house or moveable container house, it is mainly based on the container design concept, using beams and columns as the overall support force points of the house, and modifying the walls, doors and windows to become a house more ...
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  • Trademark


    In March, the company obtained an independent graphic trademark Logo meaning: Color: Blue: technology and innovation; Green: environmental protection and health Pattern description: The three letters of EST are deformed and reflect the industrial elements at the same time: roof, window, beam and ...
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