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Nicole’s 16 x 8 tiny house, a prefabricated tiny house, will surprise you with many amenities.

As the name suggests, Nicole’s 16 x 8 tiny house measures 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, which certainly makes it smaller than today’s tiny houses.
As the name suggests, Nicole’s 16 x 8 Tiny House, recently built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes, is only 15 feet long and 8 feet wide.
Despite these size restrictions, the company has still managed to include features we would normally expect to see on larger models, including a home office, bathroom with tub, and a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher.
Nicole’s Tiny Home 16 x 8 is based on a 2-axle trailer and is powered by a standard motorhome-style hitch.
The visitor enters the living room. This is a very compact room dominated by a sofa and storage space, as well as an electric fireplace and a wall-mounted TV. Most of the remaining usable space on the ground floor is taken up by the adjoining kitchen, which is well equipped, especially given the size of the house, including a refrigerator, oven and four-burner propane stove. , a microwave, a stainless steel sink, a handy pull-out table and quite a bit of storage space, as well as everything you need for a dishwasher.
A door from the kitchen leads to a comfortable bathroom with a shower cabin, a toilet with a cistern, a washer-dryer and cupboards.
The upper level is accessed via a staircase with built-in storage space. Here is the office, the owner’s legs can dangle to one side. Obviously, this setup isn’t as ergonomic as a desk chair, but it’s an improvement over many offices we’ve seen, some of which require wearers to sit cross-legged on the floor.
Next to the office is the bedroom, a typical tiny house sleeping area with low ceilings that can fit a double bed and more storage space.
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Post time: Jan-29-2023