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How to achieve waterproofing in folding container houses for construction site residents?


On construction sites, people usually use container houses, and the folding style is a popular one, which not only allows for quick installation but also saves transportation and labor costs. Many people are concerned about poor waterproof performance on rainy days, but in fact, this type of folding container house has strong waterproof ability, mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The patented technology used in the production process of folding box houses, with waterproof devices at the folding connections, can effectively prevent water ingress in strong winds and heavy rain.
2. The folding container activity house adopts high-quality C-shaped steel as the roof frame, and qualified waterproof glue is selected at the gaps to prevent cracking and oxidation under sunlight and wind conditions.
3. During the installation process, sealing strips will also be used at the connection between the two sides of the folding container, which can be more tightly bonded after installation to prevent ventilation and rain leakage.
4. During use, proper drainage treatment should be carried out, and drainage ditches should be prepared to prevent debris from blocking the waterproof ditches.

Post time: Jul-04-2024