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20ft Container House Prefabricated Portable Container House prefab house

Short Description:


Product Type
Flat pack container house
Refractory Grade
Grade A(noncombustible building materials)
Main Construction
Galvanized Steel, Q235B steel
Floor Live Load
75mm rock wool board
Roof Live Load
Glass wool felt roll for insulation, single
or double pitched roof can be added
Application Scenario
Hotel, house, kiosk, stall, office, sentry box,
guardhouse, shop, toilet, warehouse, workshop, factory
Loading capacity
40HQ can load 6 units
Polyester powder coating, thickness≥
protection and pollution free)
Grade 8
Life Span
Over 20years


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1.How much manpower and time does it take to install the container?
2 hours + 4 workers

2.What tools and equipment do I need to prepare for the installation of container house?
Trailer line, hand saw, hand drill, hexagonal screwdriver, rubber hammer, utility knife, hole saw, non-slip gloves, glass glue
gun, tape measure, medical box, marker, foot ladder, spirit level.

3.How many days is your fastest lead time?
This depends on the quantity. If it is a regular size, our lead time is generally 7-15 days after receiving the deposit

4.Can you customize colors?
We are happy to accept color customization. The regular color of our boxes is white, which is popular and well received by
customers all over the world. You can also provide the color card number for our reference. What color do you like?

5.What is your payment method?
Our payment method is generally TT (wire transfer), 50% deposit, and the remaining 50% paid before shipment.

6.Does your product leak water?
There are quite a number of domestic manufacturers, due to lack of professionalism and irresponsibility for quality, which leads to the problem of water leakage in the box. So far, our company has never experienced water leakage problems in overseas orders.

7.Do you need a foundation?
If the land will not subside, there is basically no need to lay foundations. According to different geological conditions, our
company will provide guidance and suggestions. If you buy house from us, we will give you complete foundation drawings and we will have video instructions for installation.

8.Can I add an extra roof please?
Roofs can be added, and we can send you some pictures of roofing cases we have done before for your selection and reference. Do you want to add a roof based on wind resistance requirements, thermal insulation requirements or aesthetic requirements?

9.How are your container insulated?
Wall panels are made of 50mm rock wool/EPS/glass wool sandwich panels, and can be upgraded to 75mm and 100mm thickness, which can better cope with extreme cold weather

10.Can the floor be covered with insulation?
Of Course.

11.How do you guarantee quality?
Answer: Every step of our production is checked by quality inspectors. We will use vernier calipers to measure the thickness of materials. We will also check whether the paint surface of the materials is in good condition before packing, and the wearing parts and spare materials will be shipped together. Before delivery, we will also take photos and videos for customers to confirm.

  • Frame: Galvanized steel structure
  • Wall: Sandwich panel (rock wool,EPS,glass wool)
  • Color: White,Grey,Black,Custom color
  • Layout: Flexible Customized
  • Life Span: More than 20 years
  • Packaging Details: container loaded,or according to customer requirements
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • After-sale Service: Online technical support
  • Application: Apartment, Apartment
  • Place of Origin:: Shandong, China
  • Use: House
  • Product Type:: Flat Pack Container
  • Design Style:: Contemporary
  • Color:: White
  • Size: 6055*2438*2895mm
  • Door: steel door
  • Window: Plastic steel sliding security window
  • Floor:: Fiberboard + plastic floor
  • Wall: 75mm Sandwich Panel
  • Roof: Sandwich Panel+ Decoration Ceiling
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Transport and load:: 1- 6 Units / 40HC
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