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Prefab House Solutions for Office and Accommodation Needs

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Prefabricated housing is a new type of environmentally friendly and economic activity house that uses light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, spatial integration standard module series, and component bolt connections.

  • Frame: Galvanized steel structure
  • Wall: Sandwich panel (rock wool,EPS,glass wool)
  • Color: White,Grey,Black,Custom color
  • Layout: Flexible Customized
  • Life Span: More than 20 years
  • Packaging Details: container loaded,or according to customer requirements
  • Product Type: Prefabricated House
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    Factory one-stop service

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    We offer a variety of designs and configurations to suit different needs and preferences. From compact office units to spacious accommodation options, we have a prefab house solution for every requirements

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    Product Structure
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    Product Name Prefab House Solutions for Office and Accommodation Needs
    Main structure Galvanized steel frame
    Roof Triangular roof, glass wool insulation
    Wall EPS/Rock wool/Glass wool sandwich panel
    Thickness of sandwich panel(mm) 50/75/100/150
    Door Aluminum alloy/steel/sandwich panel
    Window Aluminum Alloy Window,plastic steel window
    Structure Galvanized steel frame
    Fire-proof Grade A
    Water-proof 360 degree connection,better waterproof
    Certificate CE ISO
    Provide various high-quality accessories
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    Our prefab houses are designed to be easily expandable, allowing you to add more space as needed. Whether you need a temporary office space, accommodation for workers, or a versatile building solution, our prefab houses are the perfect choice
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    About Foundation

    About Wall System

    About Roof System

    The foundation of the prefab house can be either a strip foundation or a concrete plane.Use expansion bolts to drive C steel into the concrete foundation to secure the house. The construction speed is very fast and very easy. Wall systems are usually divided into horizontal and vertical panels.Adopt 75mm EPS, rock wool sandwich panel according to the different style, use different method to install the corresponding wall pane The roof system consists of roof trusses and roof cladding.It can be designed as a two-sided slope, a single-sided slope, and afour-sided slope.The wire is laid from the steel frame, with better aesthetic
    Has strong blueprint design capabilities
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    Provide detailed installation guidance
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    Case displays from around the world

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    Our Advantages 
    With our easy-to-assemble design, our prefab house kits can be quickly set up on-site, saving time and labor costs. Whether you are looking for a temporary housing solution or a permanent residence, our prefab tiny houses offer a versatile and affordable options

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    Selling well in multiple countries around the world
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